6-Pin Security Camera Breakout Cable for Lorex Cameras

6-Pin Security Camera Cable for Lorex
6-Pin Security Camera Cable for Lorex
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6-Pin Security Camera Breakout cable for Lorex Cameras.

This is a custom cable that is compatible with Lorex security cameras that have a cable with male 6-Pin mini DIN connector. The 6-pin cable comes from the camera and you need this cable to "break-out" the video, audio (if available) and power connectors. The video is on a male BNC connector. The audio is on a male RCA connector. The power connector allows you to provide power to the camera with an optional power supply.

There are hundreds of thousands of excellent security cameras that had a 6-pin cable that connected directly to a security monitor or to a DVR that had a 6-pin socket. The camera obtained its power from the monitor or DVR and also sent the video signal to the monitor or DVR. With this breakout cable you may be able to use those cameras and connect them to DVRs or TV and LCDs that do not have the 6-pin connector. This break-out cable allows you to keep your existing cameras and connect them to DVRs that do not have a 6-pin input connector.

Note: you will need the separate power supply in order to provide power to the camera.

Please verify your cable to make sure you need this cable with a female 6-pin connector - do not confuse it with a female 4-pin S-Video to BNC cable.