7-Pin to BNC Cable

7 Pin to BNC Cable, Male to Male
7 Pin to BNC Cable, Male to Male
Item# 7-PIN-BNC

This is our male 7-pin S-Video to male BNC cable, available in 6, 12 and 24 ft. It allows you to connect the S-Video out from a 7-pin receptacle on a laptop to the yellow-video BNC receptacle on a displays or other devices that have a BNC female receptacle.

This cable has a male 7-pin cable on one end and a male BNC cable on the other. We consider the "male BNC" to be the one that twists to connect to the female BNC that has the two knobs on the side of the barrel.

Availability: ships same day. Please select the size you want; 6 ft. is the default.


7-pin S-Video to RCA, Male to Male
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