Video Transceiver BNC-to-RJ45 with 2 Screw Terminals Cable. This product has been discontinued.

Video Balun for CCTV (with cable)
Video Balun for CCTV (with cable)
Item# BNC-RJ45

This "BNC to RJ45" Balun allows you to use either the RJ45 jack to connect the Cat5 cable or with the screw terminal cable to just connect a pair of the Cat 5 cable.

The picture shows a side-view of the balun. The balun has a male BNC connector on one end and a female RJ45 connector on the other end. To connect to an RCA jack, use our "BNC to RCA Coupler" below.

The picture also shows the unique connector cable that has a male RJ45 connector cable on one end and 2 screw terminals on the other. The adhesive strip on the bottom of the balun can be used to tape the balun to the camera, if needed.

This balun is an exclusive of - designed with a 75 ohm BNC connector. Similar baluns, such as the model 15-W100V sell for almost two-three times our price and use 50 ohm BNC connectors. A 75 ohm impedance connector is better for video transmission to reduce impedance mismatch; video requires 75 ohm impedance.

The unique "RJ45 to 2 screw terminals" cable assembly allows you to use this balun the same as a "screw terminal" balun. The screw terminals allow you to use Cat 5 cable without having to crimp an RJ45 connector; you just strip the same 2 pairs of the Cat 5 cable at each end to send the video over Cat 5.

Balun has an RJ45 jack and the jumper allows screw terminal usage. The dimensions are: 7/8" x 7/8"x 2 1/8" - not including the BNC connector, that measures 6/8"

Availability: DISCONTINUED. See other products below.


BNC female to RCA male adapter
AV over Cat 5
Video Balun for CCTV with screw terminals
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Video Balun for CCTV with screw terminals 500009
Video Balun for CCTV PN 500000
Video Balun for CCTV PN 500000 500000
Video Balun by Cop Security # 15-W100V
Video Balun by Cop Security # 15-W100V 15-W100V