Video Balun for CCTV

Video Balun for CCTV PN 500000
Video Balun for CCTV PN 500000
Item# 500000

Product Description

The "RJ45-to-BNC" Video Balun -500000- allows you to transmit video up to 2,500 ft. using "Cat 5" unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cables. This product code is #500000, 500,000, "500000" and is also known as the #7805A or #IC440A.

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The "RJ45-to-BNC" Video Balun is used in pairs to transmit standard NTSC, PAL and SECAM composite video. This Video Balun features an RJ45 Jack and BNC (male) connector. It converts a single composite baseband video signal from 75 ohm coax cable to UTP.

Use your Structured Cabling System (Cat5 or better) to transmit video. The picture below illustrates a typical application.
BNC to RJ45 CCTV Balun CCTV Video Balun with R45
- Simple to install - just plug your Cat 5 Cable that has an RJ45 connector.
- Allows you to eliminate more expensive coaxial cable.
- UTP Cable is easier to install and is more flexible than coaxial cable.
- The RJ45 connectors make it "plug & play".
- Transmit color video 1,200 ft. using "Cat 3"
- Transmit color video 2,200 ft. using "Cat 5"
- Transmit black & white video 1,500 ft. using "Cat 3"
- Transmit black and white video 2,500 ft. using "Cat 5"
- You can use it to connect camera to DV Recorder 1,000 to 1,500 ft.

- Security/surveillance monitoring
- Video Bulletin Boards
- Financial information services
- News Services
- Education
- Video Training
- Aiport Displays
- Video Capture
- Stock Exchange
- Hotels & Convention Centers

Warranty: Lifetime

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