The LongReach 16

CCTV Active Receiver Hub with 16 Ports
CCTV Active Receiver Hub with 16 Ports
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16 Port Fully Auto-Image Adjusting Active CCTV Receiver Hub supports up to 4,500 ft.

The LongReach 16 is a Patent Pending 16-port twisted pair cabling solution that revolutionizes CCTV cabling by completely eliminating the need for manual sharpness and brightness controls on the hub.

CCTV hubs have traditionally needed to be located near the DVR or mux in order to allow for periodic adjustment of the image quality on each camera port. The LongReach 16 eliminates this need and saves significant time and money during initial installation and eliminates the need for periodic on-site readjustment.

Many installations have hundreds of cameras connected to CCTV hubs. The elimination of manual potentiometers transforms the installation into a "plug and forget" system. A typical manual receiver balun can take up to 3 to 5 minutes to set the potentiometers to the optimum level. With the LongReach 16, all sixteen camera ports are automatically optimized within seconds.

The LongReach 16 supports up to 4,500 feet from each camera to the DVR, thus exceeding other hub vendors specifications and eliminating the need to add active transmitter baluns at each camera. This further eliminates the need for adjustment of active balun transmitters at the camera end.

The LongReach 16 features unique Auto-Gain Circuitry (AGC) that automatically optimizes the brightness and color setting based on the cable length, thus eliminating work that would need to be done by hand. Furthermore, the AGC circuitry optimizes the image better than if the optimization were done visually because, the image is optimized based on actual color and brightness signal levels.

For example, if the LongReach 16 is deployed in a 500-camera installation where each camera exceeds 3,000 feet, then it potentially eliminates the need for 2,000 manual adjustments (2 per camera and 2 per DVR). This can amount to hours of manual adjustment saved during the initial installation alone.

The LongReach 16 is also the first CCTV hub to support twisted pair on both the output as well as on the input, thereby allowing coax cable to be completely eliminated and allowing the product to be installed in a remote telecom room for neater and more structured cabling. The UTP/UTP version of the LongReach 16 allows ordinary Cat5 cable to be connected between not only between the camera and the hub but also between the hub and the DVR, thus simplifying the cabling.

Other added features include; ground loop blocking, diagnostic indicators, angled and spaced screw terminal connectors for ease of installation, support for rackmount, wallmount or desktop installation.

The LongReach 16 is fully compatible with our other baluns, third party CCTV baluns as well as built-in twisted pair baluns found in many CCTV cameras for a total CCTV cabling solution.

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LongReach 16 Active CCTV Receiver Hub UTP/UTP
LongReach 16 Active CCTV Receiver Hub UTP/UTP 500120
LongReach 16 Active CCTV Receiver Hub UTP/Coax
LongReach 16 Active CCTV Receiver Hub UTP/Coax 500122
CCTV Passive 16 Port Hub with screw terminals
CCTV Passive 16 Port Hub with screw terminals 500131
Active CCTV Transmitter Balun - 500100
Active CCTV Transmitter Balun - 500100 500100
Active CCTV Transmitter Balun - 500101 - 24VAC
Active CCTV Transmitter Balun - 500101 - 24VAC 500101
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