Video Accessory Corporation

Video Accessory Corporation
Video Accessory Corporation (VAC) manufactures unique Audio and Video products. VAC products are encapsulated in epoxy and resemble a "brick." VAC products meet or exceed the requirements of the most demanding customer, the US Military. VAC products are unsurpassed in quality, reliability and endurance. Proudly designed and made in the USA.

VAC products are available with 12V DC or with Flexible Power (FlexPwr) designed to operate over a wide range of AC and DC input voltages: 12-32V DC (grounded or ungrounded) or 10-28V AC (ungrounded).

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VAC manufactures innovative solutions for video and audio distribution and switching, ground loop elimination, synchronization generation, and noise suppression.

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These products feature a proprietary epoxy encapsulation process that results in a solid block or "brick" package. The "brick" packaging results in compact, robust, and reliable devices that operate both indoors and outdoors in the most extreme environmental conditions. Some of these products have been installed in military jets and nuclear power plants. These products can be rack mounted or installed in almost any location. All VAC products are designed and built in the USA.

Used in "Mission Critical" applications, including:
* Studio Production and Remote Broadcast Production
* Mobile Production Vans
* Corporate Board Rooms
* House of Worship AV Systems
* Event Centers and Stadiums
* Military Command and Control Systems
* Military Aircraft, Helicopters and Vehicles
* Nuclear Power Plants
* Presentation Systems
* Security Systems
* Surveillance and Covert Surveillance Systems
* Home Theatre

In addition, VAC can create semi-custom and custom products that are surprisingly affordable, even for small quantities.

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