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VGA to Video
VGA to Video
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This product has been discontinued. For an alternative, consider our "PC to TV" Converter below.

If your computer does not have an s-video or composite video output you can use this product to connect the "VGA - monitor" output to the S-Video or Composite Video (yellow RCA) connector on a TV, VCR or DVD Recorder. If the TV only has an "RF Coax" input then you will also need our modulator package.

See your PC monitor's display on your TV or record it on your VCR or DVD Recorder.

Record streaming media in a larger size with the "Zoom" feature.

Record your internet you can enjoy again and again the great site about...well, you know what I mean. But seriously folks, try taping an internet site that teaches you French or whatever.

- Create educational videos on how to use a particular software package.

- Present your computer work on a TV, record it and share it with others.

Great Advantage: no need to buy or carry an expensive LCD projector! Just use your existing TV monitors to display your computer presentations!

With our "VGA to TV" converter all you do is connect the VGA signal from your monitor to the converter and output it to a TV, VCR or DVD Recorder.

Availability: Discontinued. See other products below


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