YouTube is a place to Broadcast Yourself.

Watching "user created content" on YouTube is like having a TV remote control in your hands and changing "channels" constantly, never really knowing what you are going to see. You will feel like the boy that got locked up in a room full of horse manure...sorting through all that sh*t there's gotta be a pony someplace!

The real side of YouTube are videos of someone else's copyrighted material, such as TV programs, movies and commercials.

If you decide to "broadcast yourself" and join youtube, just remember that they really want your email address and date of birth - never give out your true date of birth to anyone; so tell them that you are 19 years old, even if you're 13 or 79. Also, make sure you create an email account just for your youtube membership - that way you can keep track of all the promotional crap you will get from them and their advertisers.

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