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GIF Creation Service
GIF Creation Service
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Gifs are great because:
  • They are universally supported
  • They can be used to join many pictures and create an animation
  • They are very small in size in comparison to videos
  • Visitors do not leave your website to go to YouTube or other video sites
  • You can now pause Gifs using a simple FireFox Add-on - see instructions below

  • We can create Gifs for you!

    Order your Gifs here. All we need is a link to 3 to 10 pictures that you want to convert to a GIF file and we will do the rest.

    When you order please provide the links to the pictures in the "comments" section of the order form. Let us know the sequence of the pictures that you want to convert to gif.

    How to pause animated Gifs: Many of our pages have animated gifs - you can pause the gifs when using the Firefox browser by adding the Toggle Animated Gifs Add-on. Once you add the "add-on" to Firefox you simply hover over the gif and on the top right of the image you can click on the pause symbol (II) to stop the animation or on the arrows to restart the gif. Once you pause the animation you can move your mouse pointer outside of the image and the arrow and pause symbols will not be visible.