wireless Microphone System

wireless Microphone System
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This professional quality VHF Microphone system has a range of over 250 feet. With two switchable frequencies for the cleanest sound at an affordable price. Has clip on Microphone. Ideal for camcorder use. A monitor earphone is included.

Switchable Frequencies F1-169.445 MHz + F2-170.245 MHz
Sensitivity 94dB SPL at +/- 2.5KHz deviation
Sensitivity 2uV at S/N 40dB
Power consumption 30 mA
Power supply one 9 volt battery (not included)
Dimensions 86 x 60 x 21.5 mm
Weight 98 grams
Microphone Electret condenser
Color Black

Reception system Double superheterodyne system
Frequencies F1 169.445 MHz + F2 170.245 MHz
Power supply one 9 volt battery (not included)
Power consumption 25mA
Microphone output voltage: 8mV (load 10K W) impedence 300 W
Monitor output voltage: 1v (load 30 W) modfreq: 1 KHz Weight 128 grams (including battery)
Accessories supplied Earphone