12in 7-pin 180deg to 90deg 1-Device Serial ATA Cable

12in 7-pin 180deg to 90deg 1-Device Serial ATA Cable
Item# SV-10190a

    Product Code: SV-10190a
  • When connecting serial ATA devices to your motherboard or host controller, you want a permanent solution
  • The last thing you need is a cable that could fatigue, or even fail over time, because of bending or stress occurring right at the critical connection
  • Our angled connectors deliver the cable at a more desired angle and are fortified to keep the cable lined up straight
  • So you'll see less cable bend and fatigue for longer cable life
  • SATA 3,0 compatible with transfer rates up to 6 Gbps! This serial ATA cable is especially designed to handle the differential signals implemented in today's technology, while delivering increased throughput and reduced data packet loss
  • With our 7-pin, 1-device cable, you'll receive higher data transmission rates, reduced crosstalk, and improved signal integrity
  • Plus, this cable reduces overheating and saves internal space within the CPU unit for easy movement when adding or removing hard drives, PCI cards or other adapters
  • Our serial ATA cable can minimize clutter, increase airflow and maximize your potential transfer rate