VGA over CAT5 Kit: 1600x1200 up to 250 ft. (Part 2211034-02)

VGA over CAT5-Kit - Receiver and Transmitter
VGA over CAT5-Kit - Receiver and Transmitter
Item# 2211034-02
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Note, this product has been replaced by the VGA Transmitter-Receiver Kit part 1T-CT-420.

Our VGA over CAT5 Transmitter/Receiver Kit (Part 2211034-02) allows you to send 1600x1200 (or lower) resolution 250 feet over a single Cat5 cable. Only one power supply (at the transmitter end) is required as phantom power is passed over the UTP cable to the receiver. The picture shows the both sides of the Transmitter. The Receiver is similar, but instead of the power input connector it has a switch to fine-tune the video.

A single two-position dip-switch is all that is required to tune the system. Simply select žshortÓ or žlongÓ depending on cable length in order to fine-tune the image.

* 1600x1200 @ 250 feet (76 meters)
* Requires only a single UTP (CAT5,5e, or CAT6)
* Only transmitter end is powered
* Video adjustment switch on receiver end
* Molded tabs for easy installation
* Two year warranty

Our VGA Kit Contains:
- (1) Transmitter
- (1) Receiver
- (1) Universal Power Supply
2211034-02 Application Diagram