HDMI Fiber Optic Receiver with Scaler

HDMI over Fiber 2 Port Receiver and Scaler
HDMI over Fiber 2 Port Receiver and Scaler
Item# 2320002-01
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The HDMI Fiber Optic 2 Port Receiver with Scaler allows you to convert any type of video signal from a Voyager transmitter to HDMI.

This multimode fiber optic receiver module allows you to send uncompressed video signals at 1920x1200 resolution up to 6,600 feet over multimode fiber. Singlemode fiber optic modules supporting up to 99,000 feet are also available.

This Receiver with Scaler can accept video from any Voyager transmitter and outputs one of 29 different stored video resolutions. A 30th resolution can be custom configured. The Receiver Scaler will read the EDID information from the display and output the display's preferred resolution.

This part is also known as VG-RX2-MM SRX HDMI. Voyager (VG), Receiver 2 Port (RX2), Multimode (MM), Scaler Receiver (SRX).