Mogami 4 Coax Camera cable 328 ft. Grey

Mogami 4 Coax Camera cable 328 ft. Grey
Item# 2326-328GY

Mogami 4 Coax Camera cable 328 ft. Grey
Model # 2326-328GY
Brand: Mogami
Description: Camera cable Mogami: 4 Coax

This 4 conductor miniature video monitor cable can easily be connected to a rectangular 8-pin connector.

Configuration monitor cable w2326d
Part No. W2326
Core Configuration 4×50Ω Coax.
Conductor Size 0.047mm² (#31AWG)
Overall Shield None
Ov. Jacket Ov. Dia.(mm) 6.0Ø (0.236")
Material Flexible PVC
Color Dark Gray
Roll Sizes 200m (656Ft)
Weight per 200m (656Ft) Roll 8.3kg

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DC Resistance at 20°C Inner Cond. 0.4Ω/m(0.122Ω/Ft)
Shield 0.078Ω/m(0.024Ω/Ft)
Capacitance at 1kHz, 20°C 102pF/m(31.1pF/Ft)
Characteristic Imperdance at 10MHz 50Ω±5%
Attenuation (10MHz) 0.2dB/m
Velocity Ratio 0.63
Electromagnetic Noise* 0.1mV Max.
Voltage Breakdown Must withstand at DC 500V/15sec.
Insulation Resistance 10000 MΩ × m Min. at DC 500V, 20°C
Flex Life* 6,500 cycles
Tensile Strength 294N
Emigration Non-emigrant to ABS resin
Applicable Temperature -20°C‾ +70°C(-4°F‾ +158žF)