Lava(TM) Port-Quad 4-Port PCI 16650 DB9 Serial Card

Lava(TM) Port-Quad 4-Port PCI 16650 DB9 Serial Card
Item# SV-26803a

    Product Code: SV-26803a
  • This PCI bus 4-port serial accelerator card configures 4 COM Ports on the faster PCI bus, and supports data throughput rates up to 460
  • 8 kbps on each port
  • Primarily a server product, the LavaPort-Quad provides an excellent and cost-effective remote access solution
  • The LavaPort-Quad's PCI architecture enables all four ports to share one PCI bus IRQ, even when accessed simultaneously, and thus saves valuable resources for other expansion cards
  • Addressable for any COM I/O address, the card provides greater flexibility in serial port setups
  • Its integrated 16650 UART represents the next generation of UART technology, and each port uses an expanded 64-byte FIFO buffer with software-configurable Tx/Rx triggers, 4X clock, and on-board flow control, that guarantee errorless data transmission even at top speed
  • A The LavaPort-Quad ensures better and faster connectivity