Lava(TM) Octopus 8-Port PCI 16550 DB9 Serial Card

Lava(TM) Octopus 8-Port PCI 16550 DB9 Serial Card
Item# SV-26806a

    Product Code: SV-26806a
  • This PCI bus 8-port serial board, with a fan-out (octopus) cable, configures 8 COM ports on the faster PCI bus, at data rates up to 115
  • 2 kbps
  • It is an extremely dependable communication solution for ISPs or any type of RAS system that does not deal with an overwhelming amount of traffic
  • Each port includes integrated 16-byte FIFO buffer with software-configurable Tx/Rx triggers
  • All eight ports share one PCI bus IRQ, even when accessed simultaneously, and thus saves valuable resources for other expansion cards
  • The first four serial ports have all of the standard serial signals, while the the last four serial ports do not include the Ring Indicator (RI) input
  • With easy plug-and-play installation, the Lava Octopus-550 automatically selects the next available IRQ and COM address; just plug it in and go!