Tone Generator and Probe

Tone Generator and Probe
Item# SV-26844a

    Product Code: SV-26844a
  • A highly practical network installation and troubleshooting tool which features a single or multi-tone signal, two test leads and a 4-conductor modular cable
  • The tone generator's signal is easily traced by the probe, even when cables are in a bundle or hidden in a mess of punchdown blocks or wall plates
  • This system verifies cable continuity, identifies wiring faults, determines line polarity and voltage in network (Cat5 and coax) and modular telephone lines without damaging cable insulation
  • The probe includes a tone amplifier and an LED indicator that detects audible frequency tones for accurate tracing and identification of wires
  • Compact yet easy-to-use
  • Includes: a 2-position switch for single tone or multi-tone signals, a toggle switch to control 3 modes of operation, a 3-color LED indicator display for telephone line polarity, continuity and voltage testing, black and red testing leads and a standard 4-pin modular cable for individual wire tests or modular jack tests, a special inductive plastic tip which prevents accidental shorts (possible with copper-tip tracers) when using near high voltage devices, an adjustable volume level for various work environments, both an amplifier and LED for loud or dark work environments, and a power switch to prevent battery drain