25ft Flexima(TM) VGA Monitor Cable Male to Male - In-Wall CL3-Rated

Item# SV-28245a

    Product Code: SV-28245a
  • The Flexima UXGA cable delivers high performance AND flexibility
  • This ultra-thin cable is highly flexible to make installation in even the tightest areas a breeze
  • Unlike cheap VGA cables, the Flexima cable will not coil or snag during installation
  • And, the low profile connector helps you install this cable in places other connectors won't allow
  • Quality is also proven in the performance of these cables
  • Featuring ferrites to protect against EMI/RFI interference, double-shielded twisted pairs, and triple-shielded coax, this monitor cable delivers the signal without ghosting or distortion
  • Use it for video presentations, home theater and HDTV applications, classroom environments, POS devices, and server rooms
  • Or simply organize your work area for maximum comfort and efficiency
  • Will accommodate cable runs up to 100 feet without a booster (in most cases)
  • CL3-rated for in-wall installation
  • Please Note: UXGA provides a screen resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels
  • Not sure what resolution you need? See our VGA resolution guide
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  • svideo
  • com/ ("/category/vga#compare")Please Note: All 15 pins in this cable assembly are loaded