USB Universal Docking Station

USB Universal Docking Station
Item# SV-28654a

USB Universal Docking Station
    Product Code: SV-28654a
  • Come and go as you please without the hassle of repeatedly connecting and reconnecting devices to your computer
  • The Trulink Desktop Docking Station adds convenience and flexibility to any office environment _ whether at home or at work
  • With universal connectivity capability, this docking station acts as a central hub for nearly any model of laptop, netbook or desktop using peripherals
  • This makes it a valuable addition particularly in settings when disparate brands of equipment are used or computer equipment is swapped out frequently
  • A single USB connection controls the DVI-I video, four additional USB ports and Ethernet connection
  • After installing the included drivers, usage is plug-and-play with no computer reset or added docking/undocking procedures required
  • Because it uses USB 2,0 speeds, performance is smooth and reliable with no lag in video even when multiple peripherals are connected
  • Video resolutions up to 1900x1200 are supported through the DVI-I connection which easily converts to VGA using the included adapter