Digital to Analog Audio Converter

Digital to Analog Audio Converter
Item# SV-28733a

    Product Code: SV-28733a
  • Most newer audio equipment (such as TVs, cable boxes, CD players and gaming consoles) only outputs audio signals through digital optical or digital coaxial connections
  • That limitation can prevent you from outputting sound to your stereo equipment which may only accept analog signals
  • Our DAC s the ideal solution to convert digital audio signals to analog audio
  • Once in analog format, the signal can then be distributed up to 150 feet away, surpassing the length limitations of digital audio
  • This not only provides added flexibility for equipment placement, but also saves money by eliminating the need to purchase digital repeaters
  • This plug-and-play solution requires no additional software or drivers and supports Windows 7
  • Up to three different devices can be connected at the same time using S/PDIF coaxial, TOSLINK optical, or USB input
  • This not only accommodates a variety of equipment types but also allows for multiple configurations based on the user's custom setup