1ft One S-Video Male to Two S-Video Female Y-Cable

1ft  One S-Video Male to Two S-Video Female Y-Cable
Item# SV-29164a

    Product Code: SV-29164a
  • Enjoy all the detail, color and brightness you expect while delivering one s-video signal to two devices easily and inexpensively
  • Low loss dual 75 Ohm oxygen-free copper wire and a foam dielectric guarantee the proper characteristic impedance
  • Individually double-shielded wires combine with an overall aluminum foil and OFC braid shield to eliminate EMI/RFI interference
  • With this dual coax design, the black-and-white picture detail information and the chrominance color information are transported on separate pathways
  • This construction enables improved picture quality when compared to a typical composite cable
  • In addition to fitting standard 4-pin s-video jacks, this cable also fits most 7-pin jacks found on desktops and laptop that have a TV out jack
  • Precision-manufactured 24K gold-plated connectors ensure long-lasting picture quality; fully molded connectors provide excellent strain relief to keep your cable working reliably year after year
  • An ultra-flexible PVC jacket enables easy installation
  • Please Note: Results may vary with the use of this passive s-video splitter