USB 1.1 Over Cat5 Superbooster Extender Dongle Transmitter

USB 1.1 Over Cat5 Superbooster Extender Dongle Transmitter
Item# SV-29348a

    Product Code: SV-29348a
  • One component of a complete solution that, when paired with a receiver (sold separately), conquers USB length limits
  • This solution extends the signal of a USB device to a host computer up to 150 feet, enabling you to place your USB projector, camera, printer, web cam, hub or other USB device exactly where you want it! Our USB superbooster dongle is powerful yet simple, with no drivers to install or special software required
  • It's also compatible with any computer that supports USB
  • The overall plug-and-play solution consists of this dongle transmitter, and your choice of a compatible receiver that is sold separately: the 1-port dongle (#29350 or #29353), the 2-port Decora-compatible wall plate (#29345), the 2-port dongle (#29346) or the 4-port dongle (#29347)
  • Customize the configuration to your specific needs! This versatility is ideal for applications where you need more than one receiving USB device, or when you need a receiving dongle instead of a receiving wall plate
  • The complete solution is connected via a standard Cat5, Cat5E, or Cat6 UTP cable (not included) that provides easy installation
  • Use pre-terminated network cables, or pull unterminated cable and use the included toolless IDC RJ45 connector to terminate your own cable
  • Because the USB superbooster dongle is bus-powered, no external power source is required
  • Compliant with USB specification 1
  • 1
  • Input: One USB Type A MaleOutput: One RJ45 FemalePlease Note: The power demands of devices such as external drives and USB hubs may require the use of external power for proper operation
  • Note: If the USB signal is being extended to support an interactive whiteboard, then we recommend using our product 29338 ("https://www
  • svideo
  • com/product/29338")
  • For more information about this recommendation, read our application bulletinhttps://www
  • svideo
  • com (/docs/app-bulletins/10272_Superbooster Ext App Bulletin
  • pdf)
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