USB Micro-B to HDMI MHL Adapter Cable

USB Micro-B to HDMI MHL Adapter Cable
Item# SV-29351a

USB Micro-B to HDMI MHL Adapter Cable
    Product Code: SV-29351a
  • The Mobile Device USB Micro-B to HDMI Display MHL Adapter Cable is the perfect solution for connecting the USB Micro-B port of a MHL enabled tablet, smartphone or other mobile device to the HDMI port on a display
  • This adapter will support up to a 1080p resolution with up to 7
  • 1 channel digital audio depending upon the capabilities of the mobile device and the display
  • This adapter will allow high definition movies, photos, games, the Internet browser and other content from the mobile device to be shown on the connected display
  • Connecting a separate USB A to Micro-B cable (not included) to the USB Micro-B female port on the adapter is not required for operation of the adapter, but may be used to charge the mobile device while content is being shown on the display
  • MHL technology makes this connection easy and does not require a driver, software or lengthy setup time
  • Simply connect the adapter to the Micro-B port on a MHL enabled mobile device, then use a standard HDMI cable (not included) to connect from the HDMI port of the adapter to the HDMI port of a display and the content on the mobile device can be shown on the connected display
  • Note: The smartphone, tablet or other mobile device used with this adapter must support MHL technology
  • Consult the manual of the mobile device to ensure support for MHL technology
  • This adapter is designed to support devices that use the 5-pin Micro-B and will not support devices that require an 11-pin connection, such as the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy S4
  • * Download a version of the technical specifications of this product on the Support tab