VGA over Cat5 Extender Box Receiver

VGA over Cat5 Extender Box Receiver
Item# SV-29363a

    Product Code: SV-29363a
  • The TruLink VGA over Cat5 allows a VGA video signal to be extended over a single Cat5/Cat5e/Cat6 unshielded twisted pair cable up to 300ft at up to a 1920x1200 video resolution
  • The transmitter and receiver are available in either a wall plate or box form factor and are interoperable allowing this solution to meet the needs of the installation environment
  • In addition, this solution utilizes TruChoice(TM) power providing the flexibility to power at either the transmitter or receiver end
  • TruPair(TM) technology allows the Extended Display Identification Data (EDID) signals, i
  • e
  • communication of the display_s capabilities, to be communicated, ensuring that the content from the source is sent at the optimal resolution for the display
  • Built-in power surge protection and high ground loop immunity ensure high performance signal extension
  • View compatible transmitters, additional receivers and kit options on the VGA over Cat5 Product Family Sheethttps://www
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  • com (/docs/matrices/C2G_AVOCmatrix_VGA
  • pdf)*Longer distances can be achieved at lower resolutions
  • Note: Stranded Cat5e/6 cables may be used for extension applications up to 250ft
  • Shielded, solid conductor Cat5e/6 cabling is recommended for applications where the Cat5e/6 cable must be coiled, is run near other high-frequency signaling cables or in high EMI/RFI environments
  • For best performance use a Cat6 Solid Shielded Patch Cable ("https://search
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  • com/?N=0&Ntt=43122%20and%2043123%20and%2043124&p=e") * Download the manual from the Support tab * Download a PDF with the technical specifications of this product on the Support tab or view the technical specifications of this product on the Specs tab