Psiber Cable Tracker Network ID Complete Kit

Psiber Cable Tracker Network ID Complete Kit
Item# SV-29400a

    Product Code: SV-29400a
  • This kit consists of the CT10 toner/blinker, the CT15 tone probe, the CC2 carrying case, and one RJ45 jumper cord; it is specifically designed for network managers and technicians
  • Toning an active LAN circuit can disrupt network traffic and is difficult to track due to cable twist and tone bleed
  • This test system works with both active and inactive (dark) cables, and features a port ID function that blinks the link light to verify cable connectivity
  • This feature also provides a simple and effective method to identify a connected hub or switch port assignment on active networks
  • This kit also detects shorts by using a built-in continuity check
  • Three different blink rates are provided to ensure compatibility with equipment from a wide range of manufacturers
  • Traditional toning (a total of four audible tones) with two different tone frequencies and patterns is provided for non-active circuit tracing
  • The CT10 toner/blinker has a female RJ45 connector for easy network connection to connect with the included RJ45 patch cord
  • It has a unique capability of user-selectable blink rates for compatibility with the widest range of LAN equipment
  • Detachable alligator clips can connect to punchdown blocks or unterminated cables
  • Auto power down extends battery life, and a built-in low battery indicator warns when battery replacement is required
  • The CT15 tone probe is ergonomically designed, and incorporates volume control, non-conductive plastic tip, and complete compatibility with existing toners