Psiber Lanmaster 25 Deluxe Link Tester

Psiber Lanmaster 25 Deluxe Link Tester
Item# SV-29406a

    Product Code: SV-29406a
  • In just seconds, test fast ethernet (100Base-TX) and standard ethernet (10Base-T) LAN Links for connectivity and far end equipment configuration
  • This tool tests active LANs to quickly verify link operation, and provide critical link speed (10 or 100 Mbps), duplex mode (half or full), and auto-negotiation information
  • It transmits a link signal to the network device, verifying round trip connectivity and negotiating capability on 10/100 devices
  • It also includes a link activation port ID feature to identify user port location on active networks by transmitting link signals back to the far end equipment and flashing the link light on the connected hub or switch port
  • The LanMaster 25 generates a tone signal for tracing cables with a standard tone probe without carrying additional test equipment