VGA Signal Booster

VGA Signal Booster
Item# SV-29539a

    Product Code: SV-29539a
  • With the TruLink VGA Signal Booster you can overcome VGA length limitations without compromising signal quality
  • With built-in amplification and equalization, you can place the monitor up to 210 feet away from the video source
  • No software is required - installation is as simple as connecting your monitor to one end (female port), your VGA cable to the source end (male port), and connecting the included power supply
  • Daisy-chain two signal boosters together to extend your VGA signal up to 420ft
  • Input: HD15 MaleOutput: HD15 FemalePlease Note: This unit provides a screen resolution of 1920 x 1440 pixels
  • Not sure what resolution you need? See our VGA resolution guide
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