11in  2-Port UXGA and 3.5mm Monitor Splitter Cable
11in 2-Port UXGA and 3.5mm Monitor Splitter Cable
Item# SV-29588a
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    Product Code: SV-29588a
  • The Trulink 2-port monitor splitter is an excellent solution for distributing video across two displays
  • Create a simple digital signage application or use in a conference room or classroom to broadcast computer content to multiple displays
  • With integrated video signal enhancement plus carrying audio, displays can placed up to 210 feet from the source without sacrificing video quality
  • This provides complete flexibility while ensuring the highest quality resolution
  • Multiple splitters can be added to expand the number of displays and distance
  • This splitter's small cable design makes it easy to use in tight spaces or when traveling
  • No drivers or additional software are required, making it quick to set up and easy to use
  • USB power adapter is included to power the splitter from your PC, meaning no power outlets are needed!*Please Note: The term "extender" refers to the product's ability to extend the distance of your cable runs to 210 feet
  • It does not mean the product provides "extended desktop" functionality, or the ability to view different information on each of your monitors
  • If you are looking to add extended desktop capabilities to your computer, please consider product #30534, 6in USB 2,0 to XGA adapter cable