10m IB-4X InfiniBand(R) Cable -32.8 ft

Item# SV-33068a

    Product Code: SV-33068a
  • InfiniBand is a high-performance serial I/O computing architecture that enables increased communication speeds while lowering latency
  • Our InfiniBand cable provides a cost-effective copper alternative to fiber optics for connecting servers, RAID arrays, and other network components
  • Trust the performance and integrity of your high speed applications to our InfiniBand cables
  • Please Note: InfiniBand is the registered trademark of System I/O, Inc
  • dba Infiniband Trade Association
  • ("https://www
  • infinibandta
  • org") For more information, we highly recommend you consult the InfiniBand Trade Association's Introduction to InfiniBand for End Users
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