4-Port VGA/USB 2.0 KVM Switch

4-Port VGA/USB 2.0 KVM Switch
Item# SV-35567a

    Product Code: SV-35567a
  • The TruLink 4-Port VGA/USB 2,0 KVM offers a quick and easy way to eliminate clutter from your desktop
  • This switch allows you to control four computers with just one keyboard, mouse, and VGA monitor
  • Connect the switch to your computers via USB and VGA using the included cables
  • The two downstream USB 2,0 ports can be used to share USB peripherals
  • Two types of switching (push button and hot keys) enable you to operate the switch in the most effective way for your application
  • Note: The USB port labeled as a keyboard port is designed for use with a standard keyboard which does not feature special functions, such as volume controls, media buttons etc
  • Using a keyboard which features special functions may cause errors in the functionality of the KVM; however, we have tested and verified that the keyboards in this compatibility listhttps://www
  • svideo
  • com (/docs/matrices/KVM-Keyboard_Compatiblity-List
  • pdf) will function with the KVM and will not cause functionality errors
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