PC Cable Tester Pro ATA

PC Cable Tester Pro ATA
Item# SV-39001a
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    Product Code: SV-39001a
  • Get quick and easy diagnosis of open wires, shorted wires, crossed wires, and miswiring for almost any PC cable on the market (Serial ATA, RJ45, USB, IEEE-1394 FireWire, DB9, DB25, HD15)! We took the original PC Cable Tester and made it even better
  • The PC Cable Tester PRO ATA now supports the Serial ATA/high speed Serialized AT Attachment, and also tests USB and FireWire for actual pin configurations
  • This stand-alone test device provides the user with a wire mapping display of standard PC data cables
  • The unique LED display clearly determines wiring status by providing a point-to-point pinout of the actual wiring configuration (LED glow-enhanced for printer cable test)
  • This is an essential tool for cable dealers, cable assembly houses, IT professionals or system integrators to quickly troubleshoot PC data cables, the place where most data transmission problems occur
  • This handheld tool is lightweight, totally portable and works for automatic or manual scanning
  • Has DC battery compartment and AC power jack