LANsmart TDR Cable Tester

LANsmart TDR Cable Tester
Item# SV-39002a

    Product Code: SV-39002a
  • The high-tech LANsmart TDR Cable Tester detects, locates, and displays basic wire connection problems including opens, shorts, miswirings, reversals, split pairs and shield continuity for RJ45, Cat5, Cat6, UTP and STP
  • Plus, it measures cable length for UTP and STP cable without remotes by using TDR (Time Domain Reflectometer) technology in real time
  • LANsmart displays the results in a pin-to-pin format
  • LANsmart's built-in tone generator (probe not included) will also send signals to all or just selected pins or conductors to help find the corresponding cables; users can send out auto-negotiation signals to find the corresponding hub/switch ports
  • LANsmart is compact, ergonomic, and easy to operate
  • Its built-in PORTfinder locates corresponding jacks on hubs/switches, and it increases measuring accuracy with its Velocity of Propagation Adjustable Calibration ability for non-standard cables
  • Displays test results in pin-to-pin/wiremap format, and in both meters (m) and feet (ft)
  • Battery operated, compact and easy to use
  • The advance functionality and versatility of the LANsmart make it an all-in-one tester suitable for all professional technicians and installers