5in Ceiling Speaker 70v - White

5in Ceiling Speaker 70v - White
Item# SV-39907a

    Product Code: SV-39907a
  • This ceiling speaker is the perfect solution for K-12 classrooms, conference rooms or other learning, sharing and collaborating environments that require a sound reinforcement system for multimedia presentations, video clips, and movies
  • This ceiling mount configuration allows this speaker to be securely mounted within a drop ceiling or a wall
  • This speaker is built to a 70V industry standard and integrates seamlessly with distributed speaker systems, such as a public address (PA) system
  • Ceiling speakers mount easily for a clean, unobtrusive look while dispersing sound at 120 degrees for full coverage
  • Designed for long life, rubber surrounds and poly cone construction provide a durable solution that will not degrade over time compared with paper/foam constructed speaker components
  • Note: This speaker is sold individually and not in pairs