SVHS Video and Stereo Audio Switcher 4 inputs 2 outputs

SVHS Video and Stereo Audio Switcher 4 inputs 2 outputs
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4 X 2 SVHS video and stereo AUDIO auto SWITCHER

4 inputs, 2 outputs. This device switches between 4 s-video/audio sources automatically. When a video signal is detected from 1 of the 4 inputs that channel_s video and audio are switched to the output. To select a different input simply turn on that piece of equipment and the video and audio signals will override the previous signal and route it to the output. Switching is automatic with no user interaction. This unit can easily be hidden behind the equipment and provides a simple solution for switching video devices. A L.E.D. indicator is provided on the front panel for visual indication of what input is selected. Unit can also be operated manually. AC Power adapter Included.

AV signals Selector 4 SVHS in > 2 out
Video Input SYNC +0.30Vpp, 75Ω
Audio Input Stereo (R+L), 40KΩ
Video Output 1 Vpp ; 75Ω
Audio Output Stereo (R+L), 40KΩ
Audio Input terminals video 10 RCA jacks
Audio Distortion < 0.6dB (+/- 3dB)
Power Supply 12Vdc @300mA
Power Consumption 125mA
Accessories AV cable M-M 3 x RCA

Channel Separation > 50dB
Noise Reduction > 50dBVideo Bandwidth 5 MHz
Audio Bandwidth 2-Hz-20Khz
Power Consumption 100mA~120mA
Video Distortion video < 1.2dB (+/- 3dB)
Dimensions 7.9" (W) x 5.1" (D) x1.60" (L)
Weight 845 gm