25ft S-Video Cable with Low Profile Connectors Male to Male - In-Wall CMG-Rated

Item# SV-40136a

    Product Code: SV-40136a
  • Video installations in educational and commercial settings often require in-wall rated cable
  • Our CMG-rated line was specifically engineered to meet this requirement while overcoming the common challenges faced by installers in these environments
  • Low-Profile connectors (1
  • 24 in total depth) save valuable space in the gang box
  • This cable has two 26 AWG center conductors to ensure signal integrity in the installation
  • It also features drain wire with 92% minimum coverage braid and foil shield, which prevents signal interference including EMI/RFI
  • CMG-rated cables meet many NEC requirements for Communications Cables General Purpose In Wall Use
  • Our cables meet the following ratings: CMG, FT4, CM, CL3, CL2, CMX, CL3X, and CL2X
  • Always check with your local authority on building requirements to verify cable requirements before beginning any installation