AV Controller
AV Controller
Item# SV-40348a
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    Product Code: SV-40348a
  • The TruLink A/V Controller is a full-featured in-wall solution that is perfect for easy control of all classroom or conference room audio/video equipment; including up to two serial devices, such as a projector or display, a 12V DC triggered device, such as a projector screen or blinds and IR devices such as a DVD/Blu-ray player, document camera and other equipment
  • Specifically constructed for use in classrooms and conference rooms, this controller is innovatively simple to install, program and operate
  • Consolidate control in one convenient location
  • No more searching for remotes, replacing expensive batteries or fumbling with small remote keys that are in a different position on each different remote
  • The TruLink A/V Controller provides the features needed without the cost and complexity associated with "higher end" solutions
  • * Large, backlit buttons for easy identification and quick operation * On-board, real-time clock for easy time and date programming, including automatic start-up and shut-down capability ensuring equipment is ready when needed and powered off at the end of the day to extend equipment life * Dual DB9 RS-232 ports provides control for two projectors or a projector and amplifier * 12V DC Triggering provides control for electromechanical devices, such as projector screens or blinds * Backup capability eliminates the need for reprogramming in the event of a power failure * Up to 32 commands for control of numerous A/V devices * Durable construction backed by a three year warranty ensures consistent operation in the demanding classroom environmentWhile the controller is intended for easy operation, it was designed and engineered for the installer
  • Multiple options for programming ensure installations are quick and scalable to accommodate even the largest deployments
  • Changes are easily made without the need to remove the controller from the wall when equipment is upgraded, swapped out or added
  • * Multiple programming modes through the software interface (GUI), front USB port or infrared (IR) port * Space for up to ten on-board controller configurations for simple key code selection versus field programming * Multi-Port Controller Interface Adapter for secure connection of cables and fewer potential failure points * Easily switch between modem and null modem RS232 transmit mode so no extra cable is required * Decora style wall plate for easy mounting in standard single gang electrical mounting boxes * Full library of manufacturer codes to accommodate control of the most popular makes and models of projectors * Free installation and programming support * Seamless integration with the RapidRun modular cabling system and the
  • TruLink Audio Amplifier (#40100) * Download a version of the technical specifications of this product on the Support tab