2-Port HDMI Auto Switch

2-Port HDMI Auto Switch
Item# SV-40349a

    Product Code: SV-40349a
  • Perfect for situations where two HDMI devices must share a single HDMI input on a display, this HDMI auto switch provides for hassle free operation
  • The power required for operation of this switch is provided from the HDMI source devices, so no separate power adapter is required*
  • With the wealth of devices now using HDMI, it is easy to run out of free HDMI inputs on a HDTV or home theater receiver
  • This HDMI selector switch solves the problem by providing additional high-definition digital inputs for sources including Blu-ray_ and DVD players, gaming systems, and high-definition cable/satellite boxes
  • The auto switching functionality provides for a system that is easy to use, while manual switching functionality is available for situations where more control is desired
  • The auto switching feature is able to sense when a new device is connected or powered on and will automatically switch to that port
  • When the device is disconnected or powered off, then this feature automatically switches to the first connected device
  • In situations where two devices are connected to the switch and powered on, or sending an HDMI signal to the switch, the Select button on the top of the switch may be used to switch back and forth between the two inputs
  • Please note: Most HDMI source devices are able to provide the necessary power for the operation of the HDMI switch; however, in some situations the power supply of the HDMI source device is insufficient and additional power is required. In those situations, power for the HDMI switch may be supplied using our HDMI voltage inserter