35ft Composite Video and Stereo Audio Cable with Low Profile Connectors Male to Male - Plenum CMP-Rated

Item# SV-40525a

    Product Code: SV-40525a
  • Audio/video installations in educational and commercial settings often require plenum-rated cabling
  • Our plenum-rated line was engineered to overcome common challenges faced by installers
  • Low-profile connectors (1
  • 5in total depth) save valuable space and enable easier in-wall connections
  • And our small-diameter (0
  • 25in) cable design further reduces the space and clearance required to run the necessary cabling through walls and plenum air spaces
  • This cable is constructed from three 75 Ohm coaxial cables using 26 AWG center conductors and featuring a tinned copper braid that provides 92% over foil shield
  • CMP rating provides the fire protection required to run within walls and air plenums without the need for conduit
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  • svideo
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