360deg Rotating DVI-D Female to DVI-D Female Coupler

360deg Rotating DVI-D Female to DVI-D Female Coupler
Item# SV-40933a

    Product Code: SV-40933a
  • When mounting flat panels or projectors, it's hard to know what angle will be required for the DVI-D connector
  • Fortunately, our DVI-D coupler can be twisted or turned to virtually any position
  • The rotator coupler features a center ball joint design that enables a 360_ rotation and bending so that the DVI-D cable can easily be run at many angles
  • The design of the coupler ensures signal integrity in any position and its flexibility makes it ideal for digital video connections in limited spaces
  • With its 360_ rotating connector, the days of not having the right connector orientation on cables are over!Note: This product is designed to support digital signals only
  • The product is not designed to support the analog signals required to adapt DVI to VGA or any other analog video signal type