HDMI Pass Through Decora Style Wall Plate - Ivory

HDMI Pass Through Decora Style Wall Plate - Ivory
Item# SV-41044a

    Product Code: SV-41044a
  • The HDMI pass through wall plate allows for a clean, professional looking and seamless transition to in-wall HDMI cabling using a wall plate form factor, which offers a more secure installation option over traditional transition methods
  • The Decora style wall plate provides a secure mount within the wall and is not likely to be stolen or misplaced
  • Unlike traditional pass-through wall plates, this wall plate is constructed by using four-layer computer grade printed circuit boards (PCBs)
  • The PCB traces are engineered to maintain the critical impedance necessary to transfer digital audio/video signals
  • Made from 20 AWG steel, this strong wall plate fits standard electrical boxes, and is compatible with Decora style trim plates