4-Port HDMI Selector Switch

4-Port HDMI Selector Switch
Item# SV-41500a

    Product Code: SV-41500a
  • Most high-definition audio/video components utilize the HDMI interface to provide crystal clear, digital sound and picture
  • With the wealth of devices now using HDMI, it's easy to run out of free HDMI inputs on your TV set or receiver
  • This HDMI selector switch solves the problem by providing additional high-definition digital inputs for sources including DVD player, Blu-ray(TM), Disc and HD-DVD players, gaming systems, and high-definition cable/satellite boxes
  • This HDMI selector offers three rear inputs plus a convenient front input for temporary connection of gaming systems or HD camcorders and cameras
  • Fully compatible with HDCP-enabled sources
  • Blue front panel LEDs display the HDMI source currently selected