1ft RapidRun PC Runner Cable (Yellow) Test Adapter Cable

1ft RapidRun PC Runner Cable (Yellow) Test Adapter Cable
Item# SV-42118a

Note: limited quantities available.

    Product Code: SV-42118a
  • RapidRun is known for its versatility, convenience and ease of installation
  • However, even the most experienced installers will run into hazards that damage or kink the cable during installation
  • Problems associated with installation damage are seldom found until the final phase of the installation when the cable is already enclosed in the wall
  • Color-coded yellow for use with RapidRun PC runners, this test adapter lets an installer run a quick continuity test of the PC runner to ensure proper functionality BEFORE the installer leaves the job site
  • This test adapter includes two pieces: a modified RapidRun connector that connects to the display end of the runner, and an RJ45 adapter cable that connects to the input of a common network cable tester
  • Instructions For Use: * Attach the modified RapidRun connector to the display end of the PC runner cable
  • * Connect the network tester to the source end of the runner cable using the RJ45 adapter cable
  • * Run a continuity test on the cable
  • * Pins 4 and 5 should show as a short on the test readout