S-Video and Audio GLI Balun

S-Video plus Audio GLI Balun
S-Video plus Audio GLI Balun
Item# 500018
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The S-Video/Audio GLI Balun #500018 allows S-Video and Stereo Audio to be sent using Cat5e/6 cable. This balun features Ground Loop Isolation, also known as GLI, to help eliminate "hum" bars caused by ground loop issues. Only one 500018 is required per connection and may be used in conjunction with the 500016, 500017, 500038 and 500200.

Features and Benefits:
- Up to 1,000 feet (305m) via Cat5e/6 UTP
- Stereo audio up to 3,250 ft
- Ground Loop Isolation ___ GLI
- Helps eliminate "hum bars"
- Only one required per connection
- Works with standard MuxLab S-Video baluns
- Includes 6" dual RCA jumper cable

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