Analog Audio Transceiver

Analog Audio Tranceiver with screw terminals
Analog Audio Tranceiver with screw terminals
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Use four of these transceivers to send stereo audio over one Cat5 cable. This Analog Audio Balun/transceiver allows you to replace coax cable with Category 5 twisted pair in the analog audio environment.

You can send Analog Audio up to 5000 feet with Cat 5e cable. Two are required at each end, and four are required if you want to send stereo audio one way, or if you want to send mono audio both ways.

This Balun has two screw terminals and a male RCA connector.

A pair of the wires on a Cat 5 cable is insterted into the "screw terminals" and the wires are held in place with the screw.

The VideoEase Audio Balun allows any unbalanced analog audio signal to be transmitted via a single unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable (aka Cat 5) for more versatile cabling. Used in pairs, the Audio Balun eliminates costly and bulky coax cable, allowing consumer and commercial audio equipment to be connected using standard premises wiring techniques.

One or two pair of baluns is required depending on whether the application is for monaural or stereo audio. The Audio Balun features screw terminals and built-in cable strain relief for ease of installation and reliable connectivity.

Applications include auditoriums, arenas, schools, home theatre systems, airports, hotels, hospitals, conference rooms.

Features & Benefits
- Eliminates coax cable
- Up to 5,000 feet (1.5km) via Cat 5 UTP
- 60 to 20KHz bandwidth
- Gold-plated RCA connector
- Cable strain relief
- Compact design
- Lifetime warranty
- Design patent pending

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