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Digital Audio Tranceiver with screw terminals
Digital Audio Tranceiver with screw terminals
Item# 500020

Send full 6 channel Dolby Digital, dts up to 600 feet.

Our Digital Audio Balun (transceiver) allows you to send S/PDIF Digital Audio up to 600 ft. using Category 5 unshielded twisted pair -UTP. The advantage of using our transceivers is that you can go beyond the 35 ft. limitation of S/PDIF digital audio using a coaxial cable.

You simply splice a Cat 5 cable, select a pair of wires, insert each wire on one of the screw terminals and repeat the process on the other end...using the same pair of wires, of course.

The VideoEase_ Digital Audio Balun allows a digital audio source to be connected up to 600 feet (183 meters) away from a digital audio decoder/amplifier via copper unshielded twisted pair (UTP). Used in pairs, the Digital Audio Balun allows a digital audio source such as a DVD, VCR or satellite receiver to be connected via copper twisted pair to a digital audio home theater system.

The Digital Audio Balun connects directly to the digital audio equipment's "Coaxial" input (usually a black RCA jack) and features two screw terminals and a built-in cable strain relief for ease of installation and reliable connectivity.

Applications include home theater systems; schools; concert halls; auditoriums and convention halls; arenas; parks; airports; and hotels.

Features & Benefits
- Supports Dolby Digital, dts
- Up to 600 feet (183m) via Cat 5 UTP
- Cable strain relief
- Compact design
- Gold-plated RCA connector
- Lifetime warranty
- Design patent pending

Availability: Ships same day. Order two, one for each end.