Composite and Component Video Transceiver with screw terminals

Composite Video Transceiver with Screw Terminals
Composite Video Transceiver with Screw Terminals
Item# 500021
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The advantage of using this balun is that it has screw terminals; you do not have to know how to crimp an RJ45 connector on a Cat. 5e or Cat. 6 cable. Even if you do have the tools and know how to crimp an RJ45 connector to a Cat. 5e/6 cable it is faster and easier to use a screw terminal balun. All you have to do is select a pair of the Cat. 5e/6 and strip the insulation on the wire and insert it into the holes in the screw terminal connector.

Our Composite Video over CAT5 Transceiver (Balun) allows a single composite video signal or each of the three component video signal (Y, Pb, or Pr) to be transmitted via cost-effective unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable. Three (3) balun pairs are required for one complete component (YPbPr) video connection. This balun supports component video at 480i and 480p resolutions, typical of DVD playback. If you need resolutions up to 1080i then consider our "Component Video + Digital Audio over Cat 5" product below.

In addition, s-video can be transmitted using two of these baluns at each end and our s-video break-out cable below.

The product also allows three coaxial cables to be replaced by one Category 5 twisted pair cable, allowing standard structured cabling techniques to be used for neater and more streamlined cabling. The Component Video Balun is compact enough to allow three (3) units to be connected side by side on the back of the component video equipment.

Features & Benefits
- Supports one component of the YPbPr video signal
- Better rejection of EMI than using coaxial cable
- Three (3) balun pairs required per YPbPr connection
- Up to 1,000 feet (305m) via Cat 5 UTP
- Gold-plated male RCA connector
- Two screw terminals with strain relief
- Compact design
- Lifetime warranty
- Design patent pending

1. Does the 500021 support an HDTV signal?
The 500021 will support 480i and 480p, the typical maximum resolution of most DVD players. It will not support 720p and 1080i. At 480 resolution, as distances approach 1,000 ft., there may be a noticeable change in quality in terms of color intensity, brightness and sharpness. However at short distances (under 500 feet) there will be virtually no perceptable difference in image quality when compared with short coaxial cable runs.

2. Is Cat6 better than Cat5 with this product?
Since the bandwidth of the component video signal is relatively low compared to high speed data, using Cat6 instead of Cat5 will probably not yield a perceptable difference at short distances (under 500 ft). As the distance approaches 1,000 ft there may be some noticeable difference, although minor.

Note: You will need six (three at each end) so send component video over a single CAT5 cable.

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