Active VGA Balun Kit

Active VGA Balun Kit - Euro version
Active VGA Balun Kit - Euro version
Item# 500036
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The VideoEase Active VGA Balun Kit allows VGA video to be transmitted via cost-efficient unshielded copper twisted cable in a point-to-point configuration.

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This kit is available in US version (Part No. 500035) and European versions (Part No. 500036). Each kit includes one (1) transmitter and one (1) receiver. The product supports resolutions up to 1800 x 1440 for applications requiring superior performance. Also features adjustable gain compensation and local monitor output for added cabling versatility.

Features & Benefits Features & Benefits:
- Up to 400 ft (122m) via Cat5 TP @ 1800 x 1440 pixels
- Up to 500 ft (152m) via Cat5 TP @ 1600 x 1200 pixels
- Up to 550 ft (167m) via Cat5 TP @ 1280 x 1024 pixels
- Up to 550 ft (167m) via Cat5 TP @ 1024 x 764 pixels
- Support for local monitor
- Adjustable gain control

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