Component Video and Audio ProAV Balun - BNC

Component Video and Audio Pro AV - BNC
Component Video and Audio Pro AV - BNC
Item# 500052-PRO-BNC

The Component Video/Analog Audio ProAv BNC Balun allow one component video (YPbPr or RGB) signal and one Analog Audio signal to be transmitted via a cost-effective unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable.

The 500052-Pro-BNC features an Ethercon RJ45 connector and a rugged cast aluminum enclosure with built-in 12-inch (30cm) heavy duty AV cable leads for the demanding professional environment. They may be used in pairs or in conjunction with other Muxlab component video baluns.

This balun is also available with male RCA connectors, # 500052-PRO-RCA

Used in pairs, the product supports 480i and 480p up to 1,000 ft. and 720p, 1080i, and 1080p up to 500 ft. resolution for hi-definition HDTV video applications.

Below is a picture of the balun showing the RCA jack for mono audio - color coded white.

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