Shielded CATV Balun

Shielded CATV Transceiver Balun
Shielded CATV Transceiver Balun
Item# 500306

The 500306 is a Shielded CATV Balun. Please read the press release below:

Target Market: CATV specialists, custom home AV installers, AV integrators, AV distributors.

Positioning: Supports Cat5e/6 shielded twisted pair (STP) cable to allow greater input power without increased EMI/RFI emission.

Function: The Shielded CATV Balun (500306) allows RG6 coaxial cable to be replaced by Cat 5e/6/7 STP or UTP cable in the terrestrial RF environment. Used in pairs, the Shielded CATV Balun allows broadband CATV equipment to be integrated into a structured cabling system thereby allowing CATV equipment to be moved or added to any convenient modular wall outlet. When used with shielded twisted pair cable, the connection supports greater RF ampliflication and therefore greater distance with less EMI/RFI egress versus UTP-based CATV baluns such as the 500302. The Shielded CATV Balun also works in conjunction with MuxLab___s CATV Hub (500300/303) for a total cabling solution.

Bandwidth up to 900 MHz including Internet, digital cable
Supports Cat5e/6/7 STP and UTP
Fits side-by-side on most RF splitters
Lower EMI /RFI egress when STP is used
Cast aluminum enclosure for maximum EMI/RFI shielding
Low insertion loss

Applications: Guestroom, hotels, multi-tenant residences, schools, government, offices, hospitals, financial institutions.

Availability: September/October. Please call us for pre-orders and to confirm availability.