HDMI Econo Extender Kit

HDMI Over Two CAT 5 Kit
HDMI Over Two CAT 5 Kit
Item# 500400
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HDMI Economical Extender Kit - Discontinued
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This Kit includes the sender and receiver units that allow you to extend you HDMI signal over Category 5, Cat 5e, or Cat 6 unshielded twisted pair.

Note: for HDMI point-to-point connections, it is best to use shielded CAT-6 terminated on shielded RJ45 plugs. Two cables are needed per HDMI connection. Please read Features and Specifications below.

Availability: Discontinued


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HDMI Econo Plus Extender Kit 110-220V 500401
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Details on the HDMI Econo Extender Kit:

The VideoEase HDMI Econo Extender Kit (500400) allows HDMI equipment to be connected up to 200 ft (60m) via two (2) Cat5e unshielded twisted pair cables in a point-to-point configuration at 1080i resolution. The product also supports up to 100 ft (30m) at 1080p via Cat6. The kit comes with one (1) transmit side device and one (1) receiver side device.

Features & Benefits
* Up to 200 ft (60m) @ 1080i via two (2) Cat5e cables
* Up to 100 ft (30m) @ 1080p via two (2) Cat6 cables
* Compact design
* Supports Deep Color up to 1080i
* Includes power supply with North American and Continental Europe blades